Concrete Washout Systems is a risk management specialist and industry pioneer in concrete washout and wastewater removal, treatment and recycling. The patent-pending Concrete Washout Systems provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly and compliance alternative for homebuilders, contractors, ready mix and pump operators and environmental engineering firms. The patent pending CWS is a portable, self-contained and watertight bin that controls, captures and contains concrete washout material and wastewater. It allows trade personnel to easily washout concrete trucks, pumps and equipment on site and facilitates easy off site recycling of the same concrete materials and wastewater, while protecting the storm drain system from potential illegal discharges. The off site recycling component creates an even more environmentally sound application. This risk management system replaces other outdated washout BMP’s, which are costly, unsightly and damaging to the environment since their containment value diminishes, due to inherently faulty material, over use and lack of maintenance.
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Approx. 16,000 Tons/monthly
Approx. 290,000 Gallons/monthly
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